YouTube AI Algorithm Fails to Recognize Sarcasm

Ever wonder How a post, meme, or video was removed from your favorite social media platform?

Recently, I created a new YouTube playlist titled Facebook Mondo Trasho. I decided to edit a compilation of videos shared on Facebook that you may not get a chance to view on YouTube. Primarily, these videos are privately shared in Facebook IM, and are often prefaced with the message, “Watch now before it’s taken down.” I selected videos that stood out and moved me the most, and placed them into a thematic compilation. I felt that my boutique subscriber base would appreciate the content.

The above image is linked to artist Lee Howard’s Instagram

My latest upload titled, “Facebook Mondo Trasho: Eating Mayor McCheese -Ronald Goes McCannibal,” was removed for “violating” YouTube Community Guidelines, and I received a theatening warning. What was my crime? “Impersonation.” Say what? Did YouTube think I was intending to sell human meat in the disguise of a Big Mac?

YouTube sent me an email explaining how content that contains spam, scams, and deceptive practices violates community guidelines, and this includes: titles, thumbnails, or descriptions that promise users something in the video that directs them onto another site.

I was perplexed, because I was not guilty of spam, scam, or or deceptive practices.

Facebook Mondo Trasho: Eating Mayor McCheese -Ronald Goes McCannibal

Was the “title” guilty of impersonation? Honestly, I was attempting to make the title funny. Eating Mayor McCheese was a play on a 1982 black comedy film called, “Eating Raoul“. Now, I realize it’s a bit of an obscure reference for the hipper side of the baby boomer generation, but one can clearly understand what the parody of the video title is referencing here.

Eating Raoul was a film written, directed and starring Paul Bartel, Mary Woronov, Robert Beltran (In his motion picture debut and later played Commander Chakotay on Star Trek Voyager), Ed Begley Jr., and Buck Henry.

The film is about a prudish married couple (played by Bartel and Woronov) who, in an effort to raise money to buy a restaurant, resort to killing affluent swingers and robbing them. Spoiler Alert! In the end, Raoul Mendoza (Robert Beltran) a scam artist burglar who poses as a locksmith is murdered, cooked, and served for Mary and Paul’s real estate agent who is helping them buy the restaurant. The last shot of the film is Paul and Mary smiling in front of their new restaurant, and the caption, “Bon Appetit”.

YouTube AI Was Able to Take down 83 Percent of Videos Before it’s Team Has Reviewed Each Upload

Jeff Censored: This is What Tyranny Looks Like: Monday Madness

Business Intelligence and Analytics explains YouTube AI in the article. “AI for Social Media Censorship -How it Works at Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter”.

Here is an excerpt from the article:

YouTube has also recently taken the initiative to combat videos with ‘terrorism related’ content which do not comply with the terms posted on its website. In a June 2017 blog post by Google’s General Counsel, Kent Walker, the company claimed they have thousands of users  and engineers who review and prevent uploading of terrorism-related content. Concurrently, it introduced a machine learning tool that flags violent extremism videos and reports it to its reviewers for verification.

The website claims since its implementation, the team has reviewed more than a million videos to provide data to train the system’s flagging capabilities. The AI was able to take down 83 percent of violent extremist videos in September 2017 before its team has reviewed each upload.

Using historical data available from their team that addresses controversial content, and through human-guided expert assistance, YouTube claims that they were able to leverage machine learning to automate the initial red flagging of the content. In their blog post, they also add that, although the platform is still not perfect (it has achieved human-level accuracy or better in certain settings.

YouTube AI Has Achieved Human-Level Accuracy Except for Detecting a Sense of Humor

I thought of titling my video, “Human Child Meat Was Found in Oklahoma City McDonald’s”, but I decided against it for two reasons. First, I am not totally sure of the validity of the video reporting human meat in McDonald’s and Kentucky Fried Chicken products. The premise of the Facebook Mondo Trasho is simply the showing of videos being shared on Facebook. I give no narration of my personal opinion of the videos being shown, and leave this solely up to the discretion of the viewer. Second, I thought titling the video, “Human Child Meat Was Found in Oklahoma City McDonald’s”, was two harsh and did not reflect the content of the video in it’s totality.

The featured clips of the video are as follows: Two men driving in a car discover huge cages with toilets that appear to be intended for humans, Nancy Pelosi slurring her words at the podium, human child meat found at a Oklahoma City McDonald’s, a woman performs on a stripper pole at an elementary school auditorium, A Public Health Committee Public Hearing on proposed legislation concerning immunizations, an Australian women is choked by police for not wearing a mask, California Gov. Gavin Newsom’s mansion was gifted to him under highly suspicious circumstances, and a concerned business owner forewarns Shasta city council what will happen if the California lockdown continues for much longer.

The intention of my video’s original title, “Facebook Mondo Trasho: Eating Mayor McCheese -Ronald McDonald Goes McCannibal”, was meant to be ironic and humorous. A metaphor if you will, of man’s fall from grace and the eating of his own soul. Humor is part of the of human intelligence that AI has yet to master.

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