Confessions of a Former Reality TV Star Part. 1

VH1’s Big in 2003

In 2003, I paraded on the Universal Amphitheater stage in Los Angeles California with one hundred other Reality TV stars. The show was Vh1’s Big in 2003. We were led by comedian Kathy Griffin. Griffin was fresh off of hosting her hit Reality TV series Average Joe.

100 Reality TV Stars Lived Their Allotted Fifteen Minutes of Fame.

100 Reality TV Star’s underwent two full days of rehearsals before they struck a pose for VH1’s red carpet paparazzi. The dress I wore was donated by the fashion department of ArtCenter College of Design in Pasadena California. I hired a stylus to do my hair and makeup. Consequently, we went for the Gwen Stafani Retro Hollywood glam look. Click, click went the flash bulbs as we made our way to an interview at the end of publicity paved ride. The rope lifted as the five funny Last Comic Standing finalists made their way to play a part in the star studded televised broadcast. One hundred reality television stars lived their allotted fifteen minutes of fame, therefore sanctifying the rise of a new kind of celebrity.

Who will be the Last Comic Standing?

Host of Last Comic Standing

2003, was a very good year for me. 10 comedians were chosen to live in a house and compete for the title of “Last Comic Standing.” I was one of the ten. The show was produced by Saved by the Bell’s Peter Engel. The host and executive producer was actor/comedian Jay Mohr. The pitch for the series was that it was a cross between Big Brother and American Idol for comedians. A search for the funniest person in America. Who will be the Last Comic Standing? The winner was promised a $100,000 development deal for an NBC sitcom. The show was a huge hit and garnered an Emmy nomination for Best Reality Television series. Last Comic Standing was a show about comedians that America had never seen before, and it changed the way comedic talent was launched into stardom.

Looking back I realize that I had participated and experienced the year reality television exploded onto American pop culture. In 2003, a new kind of star was trending. The Reality TV Star. In fact, it is noteworthy that a “reality star” became the President of the United States. It is for these reasons, I aspire to bring the audience behind the veil of the entertainment industry to experience a bygone era of the stand-up comedy, and document it’s evolution into reality television’s Americana pop cultural boom.

My First Funny Comedy Set

The first live stream of Confessions of a Former Reality TV Star debuted on the Freedom of Joyce YouTube Channel

My story begins when I move away from my hometown to study acting at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in Pasadena CA. A week later I randomly meet an actress named Peggy Pope who invites me to the Improvisation in Hollywood CA. Subsequently, I see a live stand-up comedy show for the very first time. The memories shared are sprinkled with snapshot tales of getting a glimpse of a zebra striped jacketed Andrew Dice Clay mere months before his meteoric rise to fame while partying in a bungalow at the Chateau Marmont. After that, to be introduced to Sam Kinison in the hallway of the World Famous Comedy Store on the Sunset Strip. Hope to see you in the chat room on the next live stream. Please like and subscribe to my channel here.